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Holiday homes to rent
• Villas and apartments in Turkey in stunning locations and coming soon, luxurious cottages in Bath.
Invest in Turkey for Major growth
• So says Global Property Guide's Property Recommendations. It says gross rental yields are currently at 5.48% with 'significajt potential for growth' Overseas Mortgage Finder also says Turkey is the 3rd largest source of enquiries for mortgages (June figures)
Tax rebate for holiday home owners
• Are you a UK resident for tax purposes?  Do you own a property available for holiday let in Europe?  Do you make that property available for let?  Did you purchase the property for more than £150,000? If you can answer yes to all of these questions, you may be eligible for a Capital Allowance Tax refund of around £10-15,000.    We have teamed up with International Property Success who have arranged a no upfront fees scheme with a tax expert.  The scheme is fully HMRC approved. The amount you can claim will vary according to the rate of tax you pay and the specifics of the property. Claims are administered swiftly.  You will receive a report on your rebate, showing how much you can reclaim, in most instances within 8 weeks.  International Property Success are advisers that specialise in the capital allowance field.  They do not charge upfront fees - you only pay once your case has been approved by your accountant.    Experience shows that unless an investor has access to the appropriate level of expertise it is rare for all available tax allowances to be identified which means that the majority of Investors are not claiming all the tax allowances they are entitled to.  If you would like to find out if you are eligible for this tax break, please contact us immediately.  Tax rules change frequently and can be withdrawn at any time.  This rule will be reviewed in April.
Hot deal from Pegasus
• Pegasus Airlines, Turkey's low cost carrier, are offering 5000 seats to Istanbul at £39.99 one way, for flights taken between November 2009 to November 2010.  The flights can be booked now and fares include all taxes and charges but are subject to availabitily.  Pegasus offer connecting flights to 11 cities in Turkey including Bodrum, Izmir, Ankara, Dalaman and Antalya.
Global property prices on the up?
• With interest rates around the world at an all time low, many countries are reporting signs of improvement in their property markets.
Fractional ownership increases its appeal
• More developers are looking at increasing the appeal of fractional ownership to mass markets.
Costa bargains reignite interest
• According to's overseas division, interest in the Spanish market is crawling up again.  Spain accounted for 21% of overseas searches on the website in June 2009, an increase of 0.3% on May.  France followed hot on Spain's heels with 17%, although the percentage of hits had decreased by 8.2%.  Half of the regions that featured in the top climbers list were Spanish, with Tenerife experiencing an 9.1% increase in searches followed by the Costa del Sol with an 8.7% increase.  Another high achiever was Turkey, whose market share rose by 13%, taking it into the top 10 countries searched.   The Bodrum Peninsula proved particularly popular. The biggest loser was Dubai with a year on year decrease in searches of 60%.
Investing for the long term - Villa Park
• People often say to us, “is now a good time to invest?” and the truth is nobody knows.
Eurozone recession deepens as house prices drop
• Data compiled by the Financial Times on house prices in the 16 countries of the Eurozone shows a 4.8% drop in prices in the final 3 months of 2008, compared to the same quarter of the previous year.
Wealthy French property owners warned of tax inconsistencies
• Despite President Sarkozy’s significant increases in the 'abattement', or level at which a beneficiary has to pay inheritance tax in France, wealthy property owners should still be wary of inconsistencies between the French and British laws that govern inheritance tax.

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Luggage allowances reduced on BA flights
13th February 2007 09:20

Luggage allowances reduced on BA flightsChanges announced last year in British Airways’ luggage allowances have now come into effect. As of February 13th, customers flying to European destinations on economy tickets can now check in only one bag free of charge weighing up to 23kg instead of the former 32kg allowance. Excess baggage is to be charged at a flat rate instead of weight, route and class with a 30% discount for pre-paying excess baggage online. To carry an extra bag on a flight to Europe will now cost £60 each way or £42 if paid in advance online. A single extra bag will cost £30 on domestic flights, and £120 on longhaul flights. Passengers travelling to USA, the Caribbean, Nigeria, Mexico and Brazil will still be able to check in two pieces of luggage free of charge. British Airways claim their service is still the most generous in terms of luggage allowance and excess baggage rates. Unlike other airlines, BA still allows you to check in sporting equipment such as skis or golf clubs free of charge. To give customers time to get used to the new system, passengers will be allowed to check in up to 32kg free of charge until September 2007.
Other General news
Global property prices on the up? - With interest rates around the world at an all time low, many countries are reporting signs of improvement in their property markets. - 15th September 2009 10:09
Fractional ownership increases its appeal - More developers are looking at increasing the appeal of fractional ownership to mass markets. - 1st September 2009 11:19
Eurozone recession deepens as house prices drop - Data compiled by the Financial Times on house prices in the 16 countries of the Eurozone shows a 4.8% drop in prices in the final 3 months of 2008, compared to the same quarter of the previous year. - 14th April 2009 12:32
A fraction of the price - Within the European leisure property market, fractional ownership is set to overtake the sale of freeholds by 2014. - 24th February 2009 15:44
Greece draws the line - Greece’s second attempt at setting up a land registry is now well under way. - 21st October 2008 13:06
Are you protected? - When things are going well, the natural human inclination is to think positively and perhaps ignore some of the potential dangers to our finances, such as illness or death of a partner.   In this less than positive environment, with doom and gloom everywhere, it's perhaps a good idea to spend some time evaluating the risks you could currently be exposed to.   If you became ill, how long would your income realistically continue? If your 'other half' (assuming you have one) became ill, was permanently disabled or died, would you still be able to meet your outgoings? If you have taken on extra financial commitments over the last few years, have you considered their impact on you in the event of one of these things happening?   These are questions we need to ask ourselves honestly and thoroughly. - 7th October 2008 16:35
Share and share alike - Fractional ownership seems to be gaining in popularity among buyers and developers alike. - 16th September 2008 16:02
Insurance for your holiday home -

A leading specialist insurer and price comparison portal have recently teamed up to provide overseas holiday home insurance.  Quotes can be obtained for properties in most European countries for both buildings and home and contents.  All policies are written in English and include protection against theft even if the property is left unoccupied.  Landlords can also choose to cover themselves against accidental damage for buildings and contents.  If you are interested in overseas holiday home insurance please contact us.

- 19th August 2008 16:49
Combating the poor pound - With the value of the pound having been in decline against the Euro for nearly a year now, it is no surprise that European developers have had to come up with new ideas to attract British investment.  At the London launch of a large Turkish development in June, investors were offered a special weekend only exchange rate of 1.45 Euros to the pound and one Spanish agent is currently offering a fixed rate of 1.4 Euros for all deposits paid before 31st July 2008. Investors should not be too put off by the poor exchange rate.   If properties are bought off plan, using a Euro mortgage and rent is paid in Euros, the exchange rate only affects the deposit, not the whole transaction. - 17th July 2008 10:24
Wealthy individuals boost emerging markets - Merrill Lynch's recently published Global Wealth Report 2008 provided some surprisingly optimistic reading for property developers in emerging markets. - 3rd July 2008 14:58
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