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Holiday homes to rent
• Villas and apartments in Turkey in stunning locations and coming soon, luxurious cottages in Bath.
Invest in Turkey for Major growth
• So says Global Property Guide's Property Recommendations. It says gross rental yields are currently at 5.48% with 'significajt potential for growth' Overseas Mortgage Finder also says Turkey is the 3rd largest source of enquiries for mortgages (June figures)
Tax rebate for holiday home owners
• Are you a UK resident for tax purposes?  Do you own a property available for holiday let in Europe?  Do you make that property available for let?  Did you purchase the property for more than £150,000? If you can answer yes to all of these questions, you may be eligible for a Capital Allowance Tax refund of around £10-15,000.    We have teamed up with International Property Success who have arranged a no upfront fees scheme with a tax expert.  The scheme is fully HMRC approved. The amount you can claim will vary according to the rate of tax you pay and the specifics of the property. Claims are administered swiftly.  You will receive a report on your rebate, showing how much you can reclaim, in most instances within 8 weeks.  International Property Success are advisers that specialise in the capital allowance field.  They do not charge upfront fees - you only pay once your case has been approved by your accountant.    Experience shows that unless an investor has access to the appropriate level of expertise it is rare for all available tax allowances to be identified which means that the majority of Investors are not claiming all the tax allowances they are entitled to.  If you would like to find out if you are eligible for this tax break, please contact us immediately.  Tax rules change frequently and can be withdrawn at any time.  This rule will be reviewed in April.
Hot deal from Pegasus
• Pegasus Airlines, Turkey's low cost carrier, are offering 5000 seats to Istanbul at £39.99 one way, for flights taken between November 2009 to November 2010.  The flights can be booked now and fares include all taxes and charges but are subject to availabitily.  Pegasus offer connecting flights to 11 cities in Turkey including Bodrum, Izmir, Ankara, Dalaman and Antalya.
Global property prices on the up?
• With interest rates around the world at an all time low, many countries are reporting signs of improvement in their property markets.
Fractional ownership increases its appeal
• More developers are looking at increasing the appeal of fractional ownership to mass markets.
Costa bargains reignite interest
• According to's overseas division, interest in the Spanish market is crawling up again.  Spain accounted for 21% of overseas searches on the website in June 2009, an increase of 0.3% on May.  France followed hot on Spain's heels with 17%, although the percentage of hits had decreased by 8.2%.  Half of the regions that featured in the top climbers list were Spanish, with Tenerife experiencing an 9.1% increase in searches followed by the Costa del Sol with an 8.7% increase.  Another high achiever was Turkey, whose market share rose by 13%, taking it into the top 10 countries searched.   The Bodrum Peninsula proved particularly popular. The biggest loser was Dubai with a year on year decrease in searches of 60%.
Investing for the long term - Villa Park
• People often say to us, “is now a good time to invest?” and the truth is nobody knows.
Eurozone recession deepens as house prices drop
• Data compiled by the Financial Times on house prices in the 16 countries of the Eurozone shows a 4.8% drop in prices in the final 3 months of 2008, compared to the same quarter of the previous year.
Wealthy French property owners warned of tax inconsistencies
• Despite President Sarkozy’s significant increases in the 'abattement', or level at which a beneficiary has to pay inheritance tax in France, wealthy property owners should still be wary of inconsistencies between the French and British laws that govern inheritance tax.

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Property prices peak in Brighton
20th April 2007 10:14

Property prices peak in BrightonAccording to research by the Halifax, Brighton is the UK’s top property market in terms of house price growth. The annual House Price Per Square Metre Survey shows that, of the 62 cities scrutinized, Brighton has experienced the highest growth in property prices based on an average price per square metre. At the end of 2006, house prices in Brighton were up 13% and in the last quarter alone, property prices have risen again by 1.8% according to the Land Registry. The average property price in Brighton in 2006 was £187,309 with detached houses selling for just over £350,000. The average property in Brighton now costs £213,566 (up to £248,000 according to Halifax figures) with detached properties selling for over £400,000. The national average stands between £177,000 and £228,000. Property price growth has averaged 11.7% over the last five years, exceeding the national average and growth in earnings. Sustaining this level of growth will depend on investment by developers and local authorities. However, pressure of homeowner finances and rising interest rates have led experts to predict a cooling off of the property market.
Other UK news
Free to fly again -

Top management from the now defunct XL Airways' Freedom Flights are behind the recent launch of a new tour operator called Kiss Flights.  Backed by ATOL, it will be licensed to carry 25,000 passengers in Summer 2009.

Described as a "dynamic travel company", the firm has been set up by Gatwick based aviation broking firm Meridian Aviation to sell seat only tickets to travel agents, thereby filling in the massive gap left by XL's demise. - 18th November 2008 11:37
High speed rail travel to expand -

Eurostar is set to lose its monopoly on Europe's high speed train services when new ‘open access’ laws come into effect at the beginning of 2010. - 21st October 2008 15:34
Mortgage situation improving - There is some light at the end of the mortgage tunnel! - 2nd September 2008 11:32
The effect of oil prices on cheap flights -

Ryanair's chief executive Michael O'Leary recently warned that even though further increases in the price of oil might result in a reduction of routes, Ryanair was looking forward to the weeding out of its weaker competitors.  Easyjet, British Airways and Ryanair are all expected to increase fares by 4-5% next year to cover increases in their costs.

Despite a gloomy forecast for the airline industry, Easyjet recently launched a new route from Gatwick to Biarritz, for which it confirmed 'forward bookings have been strong'.  In addition, British Airways last month launched a new daily scheduled flight from Gatwick to Paphos International Airport, which is expected to be popular with locals and tourists alike.

- 26th August 2008 15:43
Time to invest in a holiday home? -

Leading travel operator Thomas Cook warned travellers hoping to make late getaways to expect higher prices and fewer packages on offer. - 26th August 2008 15:06
Interest rates are cut to 5% -

The Bank of England continued to try to stave off the impact of the credit crunch on Thursday by cutting interest rates from 5.25% to 5%.  This is the third consecutive drop in 5 months.  Many homeowners and borrowers will be greatly relieved about the cut which was passed on uncharacteristically fast by some of the country's biggest mortgage lenders.  Both the Halifax and Nationwide cut their standard variable rates immediately and Lloyds TSB and First Direct promised to follow suit.

Further interest rate cuts are expected, despite inflation currently running at 2.5%, 0.5% more than the level set for the Bank of England.  Richard Lambert, Director General of the CBI said, 'This cut was badly needed, and will be welcomed by a business world that is feeling the pressures of the credit crunch and of slower growth. - 15th April 2008 11:03
Proposed new laws affect buy to let investment -

The UK government are reportedly looking at new laws which would see potential second homebuyers having to apply to the local council for planning permission to have a property's use registered as a holiday home.  Property professionals are predicting this would cause UK buy to let investors to sell up and buy overseas.

As April sees the capital gains tax threshold reduce to 10% on sales of assets up to £1 million, this is an ideal time for buy to let investors to sell up and look for better returns abroad.  Some French and Spanish developers are reportedly very optimistic about the affect these new laws will have on their business.

- 9th April 2008 16:46
UK property investors set their sights abroad - Rising mortgage rates and falling house prices are forcing UK property investors to look further a field for profit. - 1st April 2008 15:06
The Budget 2008 - Alistair Darling announced revised growth forecasts of 1.75-2.25% for 2008, with inflation expected to hit 2.5% this year before falling back to the 2% target for 2009. - 25th March 2008 11:40
Northern Rock to be Nationalised - The Government has now confirmed that it will take the struggling Northern Rock into "temporary" public ownership, simultaneously suspending shares in the bank and reassuring savers that their money is safe and secure. - 18th February 2008 11:39
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